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Medical Care
To protect you and your family against extraordinary medical and prescription drug expenses.

Dental Care
To provide you and your family with coverage for preventive dental care and protection against extraordinary dental expenses. The plan pays all or a portion of eligible expenses for a wide range of services and gives you the option of going to the dentist of your choice.

Vision Care
To help you pay expenses associated with eye care. The plan provides coverage for exams, lenses, frames, and contact lens expenses.

Health Care Spending Account
To provide you with a tax-effective means of paying for eligible health and related expenses not covered by medical, dental, or vision plans. You can deposit up to $5,000 pre-tax into this account each year. Features of this service make it convenient for you to use these pre-tax account dollars to help you pay for your or your covered family member's eligible expenses.

Retirement and Savings Plan
To help you in your overall retirement strategy and to save for your retirement. You choose how your savings are invested among a variety of investment funds and can take loans against your vested balance. You also may easily roll a 401(k) balance into this plan from a prior employer.

Short-Term Disability (STD)
To provide you with continued income if you are disabled for three to six months. The Short-Term Disability plan will pay you 100% of pay replacement for up to 7 weeks of disability, if needed, following your initial week of disability as a qualifying period with pay replacement from your Paid Time Off bank. If needed, 80% pay replacement follows for up to 18 weeks of disability. Long-Term Disability benefits may be available following 6 months of qualified disability.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)
To provide you with continued income if you are disabled for longer than six months. Benefits equal to 60% of your pre-disability base pay may be provided if you are still unable to work after six months of continuous disability.

Life Insurance
To provide you and your survivors with financial protection in the event of your death or the death of a covered dependent. Basic Associate Life Insurance is provided to you. In addition you can choose to purchase Optional Associate Life Insurance and Dependent Life Insurance.

Programs to Provide Time Away

Paid Time Off (PTO) Bank
To provide paid time away from work for rest and relaxation, to attend to personal/family matters, to recover from illness/injury, or for additional holidays or vacation time. The number of hours of PTO you accrue annually is determined by how many complete years of service you have at the end of each month. If you're a full-time associate with less than four completed years of service, you earn 10 days each year.

To recognize national holidays. DataEdge provides eight paid holidays each year. Six scheduled holidays are observed throughout the U.S., and two are provided during the year as "floating" holidays to meet your personal needs.

Civic/Jury Duty
To enable associates to serve. You receive your full pay if you are called to serve as a juror—plus any stipend or reimbursement you receive from the jury commissioner—up to a maximum of two weeks (ten days) within a one-month period every two years.

To provide associates with time to make arrangements, attend services, and grieve if an immediate family member dies. Typically, associates may take one day (and potentially up to three days under certain circumstances) of paid bereavement time.

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