Your business expertise combined with our advanced analytics development is a winner.

We will identify the drivers for your success. Once we align your perceptions of success with your customers’ success, we will begin the journey toward optimizing the value proposition via data-driven techniques, like customer segmentation, channel-specific strategies, and other Analytic parameters.

We will lead you down the path of proactivity so you can increase growth by re-engaging with your target market.

Customer & Market Strategy: 

Whether you are rolling out new products, enhancing existing or looking to acquire more customers, customer segmentation plays a key role in identifying opportunities. We use your existing data and external market demographics to analyze the opportunity and determine revenue potential.

Whether it is for customer retention, new customer acquisition, our experts will employ predictive analytics models using your proprietary data and generally available market data to provide you with options to act upon.

Profitability Analysis:

Enables understanding of how your company creates and delivers value to your customers across the entire experience, allowing you to present your value proposition in the most compelling way.

By assessing transactional data over time, you can identify customer willingness to pay in light of specific trends, which may have to do with seasonality, discounts, promotions or simply being loyal to your brand.

Use Analytics to increase customer experience, predict customer behavior, Price optimization, product recommendations, upsell and many more.

Prioritized initiatives

See a return on investment relatively quickly by aggressively pursuing “low-hanging fruit” so you can generate momentum while we implement long-term growth.

Predictive Analytics

Extract valuable insights from your historical data to evolve your enterprise. Through systematic learning of historical and present data, Predictive Analytics solutions help you forecast what might happen in the future, automatically classify the objects and predict some business outcomes.

A full set of predictive analysis can be performed and presented in a very user-friendly graphical environment, with drill-down features for further analysis

We use both structured and non-structured data from your own environments to derive KPIs.

Our Analytics services include:

  • Data Analysis & Modeling
  • Data Mining
  • Pattern Analysis
  • Unstructured data analysis
  • Data Marts
  • Reports/dashboard development
  • Predictive model generation

Technology expertise in:

Oracle Data Miner, Matlab, Spotfire, Mathematica, Minitab

Web Analytics

In Web Analysis, multiple variables are tested using different versions of the website, typically called A/B testing. Running an AB test that directly compares a variation against a current experience lets you ask focused questions about changes to your website or app, and then collect data about the impact of that change.

We create multiple versions of your website (for both desktop and mobile devices) and deploy in various modes to analyze what works and what doesn’t. Based on this feedback, we can:  

  • Optimize websites
  • Improve User Experience
  • Analyze Content
  • Analyze Traffic
  • Analyze Behavior
  • Analyze Pricing
  • Optimize websites
  • Incorporate new features
  • Measure success