​ Team As A Service

Corporations are reeling under increasing demands of continuously upgrading systems, improving functionality and efficiency to successfully meet the challenges, while needing to control costs. Hiring full-time employees is not always economical due to fluctuating work load, constantly changing technologies, and long hiring cycles.

To lead their businesses ahead of competitors into 21st century and beyond, business organizations need to look for a reliable provider to transform their mission critical applications to web, mobile and cloud platforms. Meeting these requirements takes more than a mere consulting or staffing partner.

It requires a partnership and a sustaining relationship with someone who understands your businessand can protect your investment during transformation.

DataEdge, while helping clients with staff augmentation services, adds more value when it brings entire implementation team to the project. We at DataEdge, continuously strive to provide the best quality resources. With proven track record in application design & development, DataEdge possesses the right qualifications to be your trusted partner.

Team as a Service Advantages:

  • Accountability for the deliverables
  • Synergies among team members
  • Single point of contact
  • Deal with one partner/vendor
  • Cost savings from volume discounts
  • Senior management involvement
  • Streamlined invoice/payment process
  • Technically and Functionally complete teams