​ Off-site (USA) Development

With matured project implementation methodologies like Agile, large scale projects are being split into manageable and trackable user stories. This process makes it easy for outsourcing the development work. While offshoring is an option, IT Managers who are responsible for project delivery are facing many challenges, like; communication, time difference, fix/redo many parts of the work product or send back for corrective actions.  Any and all these factors result in project delays, pushed out go-live dates, loss of time & productivity, delays in product/service launches, eventually causing loss of revenues to companies.

DataEdge provides the best option. Off-site (in USA) project execution from our offices in New Jersey, while realizing benefits without compromising the quality of work at optimal costs.

Off-site (On-shore) Development

Why remote project developments fail?

  • Inconsistent/lack of communication
  • Lack of well-defined deliverables/milestones
  • Lack of accountability
  • Mismanaged expectations
  • Mismatched roles/skills

How do we ensure success?

  • Goal Directed Project Management
    • Defined Objectives
    • Clear Milestones
  • Effective Communication – All Levels
  • Senior Management Involvement
  • On-time and On-budget
  • Business Process Alignment Decisions are made on-site
  • Off-site execution does not involve end users (development, unit testing, preliminary performance testing, etc.), while still being close to business users in the USA.

The DataEdge’s Advantage:

  • Fixed Scope and Fixed Price execution
  • Proven off-site project implementation methodology
  • Deep technical skills
  • Faster time to market
  • More efficient and effective business processes
  • Attractive cost structure
  • Transparent link between customer-site & off-site development center
  • High degree of control/visibility for customer
  • Local interface with off-site Delivery