Energy is the vehicle behind the modern world and it is driven by skilled staff from various disciplines. Those who work within Energy positions are tasked with getting the most out of the planet’s resources. Their goal is to harness the full potential of both finite and renewable energy.

At DataEdge we have a unique approach to providing solutions. Our consultants are trained professionals with specialist knowledge and bright ideas. Each of our staff members is educated on their dedicated sector by qualified industry experts. This technical insight adds a layer to our consultancy service that allows us to go beyond providing just technology solutions and seamlessly blends into our vision of being able to have a meaningful conversation with our client at business level not just at technology level.

Some of our capabilities in Energy sector include:

  • Enterprise Application Implementation (SAP, IS-Oil)
  • Oil & Gas Accounting
  • Fixed Assets, Revenue Accounting, Capital Expenditure
  • Upstream & Downstream process enablement
  • Transportation Management
  • Events Processing & Alerting
  • Visibility Analysis
  • Regulatory Reporting
  • Business Analytics
  • Energy Analytics and Optimization