Adopt the right strategy to successfully implement Cloud technologies through our strategic Cloud Consulting expertise. Unlock the potential of Cloud solutions for your business by having an experienced business partner that can help and advise you on the best way to achieve your business objectives.

We help customers adopt the cloud in a number of different ways. We assist with the design of a cloud strategy, streamline account management of multiple clouds, and provide expert cloud implementation services.

Whether you are exploring your foray into the Cloud or leveraging previously deployed cloud technologies for expansion, or putting together an end-to-end cloud strategy looking to maximize the benefits, DataEdge has the skills and experience to ensure your cloud strategy will be a complete success.

Our consultants can enable you to choose between private, hybrid or community clouds with confidence in the integration skills of your partners. Our skills cover the building of secure cloud platform, cloud virtualization, managing complex application and database platforms and deploying business solutions.

We provide Migration, Transformation, Cloud virtualization & Cloud Security services to a number of companies.

We have deployed many cloud applications for our clients leveraging industry leading PaaS and SaaS offerings such as Force.com, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure, and the Google App.

Our Cloud development services include:

Mobile Cloud

Mobile cloud computing is the usage of cloud computing in combination with mobile devices. Both data storage and data processing happen outside the mobile device.

We built an extensive set of mobile applications for both enterprise and small businesses. We continue to deliver robust mobile applications to our clients with cloud as the back-end platform.

Cloud Integration

For cloud applications to fully functional, they need to provide a simple mechanism to import or load external data, export or replicate their data for reporting or analysis purposes, and keep their data synchronized with backend transactional systems. We extend support to businesses to integrate transactional systems with cloud-based apps.

User Experience Design

This is the key factor in adaptability of cloud and other solutions. Cloud, social, and mobile apps and ever changing device configurations necessitates a fresh look. We are passionate about designing apps that are simple, elegant and easy to use across multiple devices and operating systems. Along with our UX practice, we help our customers build scalable frontend.

App Development

DataEdge can design and develop applications from start. We design and develop scalable and modular software using agile programming standards, latest design patterns, and experience-centric frameworks.

Our Technology expertise includes:

  • AWS technology stack EC2, RDS, S3, Route53, Elastic Load Balancing, IAM, VPC, SES, SQS, SWS, Data Pipeline, Kinesis, RedShift and more
  • Google cloud platform (App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Datastore, Cloud SQL,BigQuery, etc.)
  • Azure Application Development, Migration, Backup & Recovery and Testing Services
  • Container management frameworks, Scripting, Automation and testing tools.