​ Project Management

Driven by our passion for Project Management we are dedicated to improving our customers business results. It is our goal to improve business results by promoting the importance of a common project culture and a strong focus on innovation and change management. Our mission is to help our clients to achieve Outstanding Business Results through Great Project Performance-realized by the Best Project Management, enabled by an Excellent Project Team & Culture.

With our Project Management services, you will save time. Our project managers will undertake the hardest work of coordinating the working process to implement your idea. A project manager can get onboard at any stage of the project, but the major success comes when our manager works from the beginning of project analysis and design.

A Project Manager understands every technical detail well enough to estimate its value for the overall success of the project.

DataEdge’s project manager will:

  • Lead the project from analysis and scheduling to support of the released product;
  • Determine the requirements, resources, and schedule for project implementation;
  • Create and maintain technical and project documentation;
  • Perform team assessment and evaluation;
  • Assign individual responsibilities within the team;
  • Manage the day-to-day operational aspects of a project and scope control;
  • Effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues. 

Software Development Lifecycle Planning.
Before starting the project, our managers will provide you with detailed development strategy. Knowing the entire plan, clients will be able to make adjustments, track the work in process or manage themselves as needed. 

Remote Project Management.
Our project managers are able to control teams of IT experts scattered all over the world. As the client, you can always follow the development process easily. We use a transparent and secure project management system that prepare daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the project.

We specialize in Agile & Waterfall Project Management frameworks. While these methodologies provide a solid foundation for project execution, success depends on how well we can tune these processes into our working environment.

Our Project Managers will work with your team to monitor & guide Agile processes. We will provide:

  • Agile Teams – Product Owners and Scrum Masters, Developers, Users and Testers
  • Collaborative Environments
  • The Product Backlog
  • Communication: including daily stand-ups
  • Scrums & Sprints
  • The Agile business case
  • Governance
  • Benefits Planning
  • User stories
  • Story Point Estimating
  • Sprint Planning
  • Visuals and Communication