​ Transportation

Integrated Transport Finance Management System

An end‐to‐end fully customized software from Vehicle Maintenance to Collections.

Our software is developed for businesses of all sizes to build, improve and scale products across platforms leveraging disruptive technologies and combining design, engineering and innovation to make our clients successful by transforming your organization into the digital age by enabling various divisions of a transportation company onto mobile platforms. Whether you are a Tour operator, Aggregator or Private bus operator, we have the solution that is right for you.


Bus Booking System
An online bus booking system to power bus booking operations for all kinds of businesses from private bus operators to bus aggregators. You can increase revenues by enabling your software to be accessed by Ticketing agents, Brach offices, and consumers across the globe.

Vehicle Expense Tracking
A key indicator of the profitability of each vehicle. Our software not only tracks the fuel and manpower costs involved in the trip but also the prorated maintenance costs, to derive the profitability of each ride.

Sales Network
Maximizing ridership is the key to profits. Not all routes get booked to capacity at the origin. It is critical to establish sales networks and provide real‐time availability of seats along the route. Agent & Branch office Network module provides the functionality to enroll agents, provide them with availability charts and calculate commissions earned.

Vehicle Maintenance
Along with the maintenance schedule for each vehicle, all expenses are tracked. This module is fully integrated with Finance and Revenue module to track profitability by vehicle.

Fleet Tracking
Smartphone‐based vehicle tracking and fleet management solution for higher efficiency and cost savings. Provide accurate vehicle positioning for all riders. Provides location‐based vehicle maps to the management to eliminate misuse of the vehicle, track exact location in case of any breakdowns and provide alerts to Agents & Branches alike.

Freight / Shipment
Not all routes and not all vehicles are run to capacity at all times. Vehicles are equipped with cargo space that can be utilized for freight. This module provides information on available cargo space and facilitates Freight booking.

Cash Management
Due to the consumer nature of the business, there is always a Cash component in operations. The tickets sales along the routes are managed by drivers and agents. With Cash Management Module that is available on smartphones, management at the corporate office has precise information on cash collections. A key module for the finance department to account for all revenues.

Gathering and presenting key performance metrics is critical to any operation. This module provides numerous management reports for making the business-critical decision from line managers to senior management.



  • Angular JS/4
  • React JS
  • Html 5
  • JQuery


  • Java / J2EE
  • Spring
  • ORM
  • RESTFUL Web Service
  • Oracle

Business And Testing

  • Node JS
  • Mongo DB
  • PEGA