Retail, one of the most dynamic and disruptive prone industries, is characterized by constant change due to changing demands, buying patterns, supply chain logistics with web sales, and last but not the least a major shift to on-line. This segment like no other, demands an agile organization to adapt to changing market conditions, seasons and fast product turnover. These challenges call for complex execution of business, which can be addressed with smart and reliable IT.

The changing environment demands retailers to look for innovative ways to meet customer needs and enhance their retail experience. Our understanding of the retail industry enables us to offer flexible and scalable solutions to retailers across the globe.With an experience of over 10 years in the retail industry combined with technology expertise, we empower retailers to be more customer centric by delivering solutions that provide personalization and enhanced shopping experience.

Another very important aspect of consumer/retail business is to provide the best digital experience to the user, which requires a thorough User-Experience Research, Usability design, Information Architecture, Social media integration, personalization, brand marketing, surveys and feedbacks, on-line ratings, integrating to backend enterprise applications, and most importantly Mobile enablement of applications.

DataEdge offersdomain expertise and technology solutions in areas that will enable consumer products companies to effectively respond to this rapid evolution. We enable the marketing engine needed to meet the changing demands of the consumer by integrating core enterprise applications with consumer-facing applications that are intuitive and accessible via the Web, tablets, mobile devices and social networks. Another very important aspect of retail operations is the integration of frontend applications with back office systems like; SAP, Oracle & other ERP applications.

We enable our clients to link together customer data from social media and purchase activities to optimize and improve customer interactions and seamlessly integrate to backend systems. Clients are able to streamline operations, improve customer experience and satisfaction and leverage key insights to innovate through our team’s technology solutions and expertise.

Some of our services include:

  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience & User Ergonomics
  • Content Management
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Social Media integration
  • Self-Service Application development
  • Enterprise Applications & Integrations with SAP, Oracle
  • Supply Chain Integration with 3rd party logistic companies
  • Big Data Analytics